Friday, October 22, 2010

Bitching Is The Disease

I am constantly confronted with unhappy people. A big source behind that unhappiness is the fact they are not silver spoon millionaires. People realize that life is going to suck, because that's life. People are under the illusion life should be easy because of the technological comforts we have, media bombardment, and the lies propagated by the eduction system. So when they don't get the lies promised to them, they bitch. That constant bitching is just toxic waste. Ever met a serial bitcher that was actually successful in life or happy in life? Ever met a serial bitcher with happy friends? Okay it's one thing to find out you have been fed a pile of shit, its another to not move past it and work with what you have. I will never advocate settling or being satisfied but I will tell you to be realistic. Dream yes, but don't get lost in the dream. You'll only bitch about it later and bitching is the disease.

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