Thursday, November 18, 2010

Giving Back Means Getting So Much More: Yahoo Answers.

Life is full of burning questions and diligent minds won't rest when there is an answer to be had. Do they read a book, interview an expert, take a class, even pray? Fuck no they turn to the internet to solve all their problems, forsaking the solutions of science, God and alcohol. No greater example of this is Yahoo Answers the Internets suppository of stupid questions and even more questionable answers.
"Surprisingly none of them wrote for Arli$$"

Sure while other people are handing out advice like that creepy guy hands out candy from his windowless van, I thought I could do something useful, something proactive....

Essentially grief the shit out of Yahoo Answer's....

Open Question: My friends are laughing at me because I have a fat father. What should I do?

Fat dad huh? Well this happens in captivity. What you want to do is hide food around the house so he has to actually search for it just as he would in the wild. Also changing up his fed is important, I suggest Dad Chow Lite. Also getting him out for a walk for an hour or two will certainly help, though he does have to be trained enough not bark at strangers, bite the mailman or hump the pretty blonde's leg from across the street (the little scamp). It will be tough at first getting him off the couch, as he thinks he's people. But the couch is a sure fire route to packing on pounds and sloth. He may beg, he may look at you with those soul full eyes but keep in mind this is the same little scoundrel that will devour the groceries and pee on the rug if you're not watching. There are plenty of guides on how to care for your dad one of those might help. With proper care and grooming you should have years of enjoyment with your dad.


Father and You: A Master's Guide, 8 Years Professional Dad Wrangling In the Russian Circus.

Link: Ungrateful Bitch Bitching About Having A Fat Daddy.

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