Saturday, November 20, 2010

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Movie Script help!!!?

For spanish class we have to do a short 3-5 minute video and my group decided to do a version similar to that of home alone. I am stressed out, clueless, and have no idea how to make a good plot for this short of a story. Can anyone help? Please and thank you!

Yeah a project for spanish class. It was a joke in my day and Spanish class is a joke now. Set advice to blatantly offensive:

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Okay the movie starts out with the shot of a nice home, it continues on towards the basement where the Mexican/Guatemalan housekeeper and her family lives. She and the family, there's like 30 of them living in the basement, are getting on a Grey Hound bus tomorrow to go to the Canadian border to wait for another family member to swim across carry a load of Colombia's finest up his put. Everyone is excited except little Hernando, who being the anchor baby that keeps the family in the States is tired of these shenanigans and for one Christmas he would like to not run to the border to have to pick up uncle Paco the Burro of the Mendoza Cartel with smuggled load of @ss candy. He would also like something not from the Salvation Army For Christmas. After a fight with the family he is sent to his space behind the dryer without Chimichungas for dinner. Then by the power of Pedro Negr0(Black Peter, Santa Mexican Helper Who Deals With Bad Kids) the family leaves without Hernando, plus they forgot he was behind the dryer and with the whole 30 people to get on a bus thing...

So Hernando is happy his family is gone as he has never seen so much space in the basement and can finally watch all the Telemundo he wants. Hernando even ventures outside to play with all the other kids which is family told him not to.(Important later) But sadly they don't hablo espanol so Hernando goes home to cry it out over his plate of Tacos. Flash cut to a scene where a kid asks his dad what Jugue Futbol means and he is shocked that his son is speaking Spanish. He announces this can only mean that Beaners have invaded the neighborhood, and places an urgent call to the INS.

Now two bumblign INS agents attempt to reach Hernando in his basement and Hernando must use his Senor McGuyver skills to defend the family home. After several HILARIOUS prat falls, beatings, booby traps the INS agents lament they will never get promoted after being beaten by a child. As they drag their maimed bodies out of the basement Hernando has the true spirit of a Mexican/Guatamalan Christmas(Or Feliz Navidad for extra points) wash over him. Cut to his family being arrested by the INS agents as their boss comes to promote them, meanwhile the INS agents pay Hernando the reward for turning in his family and drug running mule of an uncle Paco. He then buys an XBox 360 along with Call Of Duty Black Ops where is little incoherent 8 year old beaner butt jabbers and angers all the gamers.

Merry Christmas and congrats on getting an A!

The Link: Solamente El Pueblo!

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